WHAT IS DANCE? The ultimate purpose of dance is to communicate. Human movement is a language capable of conveying meaning, purpose, intention, and the unique experiences, and stories, of the choreographer and performers. As spectators with our own biases and understandings of movement, how do we learn to appreciate and understand various dance genres from all over the world within its diverse contexts? Led by CMN's new Dance Liaison, JoAnna M. Ursal, WHAT IS DANCE? is a series dedicated to help viewers explore these questions and gain a deeper appreciation of dance, as well as examine how our own perspectives and experiences of movement can impact the way we view, interpret, and understand dance. Video footage is an excerpt from upcoming dance film 'enDANGERed' (Atman Film Productions © 2014) performed, produced and edited by JoAnna M. Ursal, of ATMAN DANCE COLLECTIVE. Filmed on Location in Wynwood District, Miami FL. Mural artist, currently unknown.