#30yearsofmiata Story 4/30: Amy Hisaoka. After stumbling upon a white 1997 MX-5 Miata at a car dealership and falling in love with it, Amy Hisaoka’s passion for the roadster sparked immediately. “My friend invited me to an autocross event and I signed up for the next race,” Hisaoka explained. “I was hooked! Of course it was my everyday car, too.” After nearly 20 years of owning three MX-5's, Hisaoka has discovered that with the ability to update her car with different colors and accessories, she has discovered the ability to make her MX-5 a true extension of herself. “No other car that I have ever driven has given me the feeling of being one with the car,” Hisaoka explained. “You just feel part of the car when you drive it.”