FIRENZE 🇮🇹 SUNSET 🌅 . I had not traveled that much before I began traveling for my career. But I always longed to. In fact, in college my boyfriend and I were supposed to study together in Florence. I spent almost every day of my college existence planning for it and hoping for it and feeling BEYOND EXCITED to leave the USA to study abroad. Sometimes if I close my eyes I can still channel that same hope and wonder and sheer passion for something that……didn’t end up happening. Life just had other plans. That hurt for a while. But at the same time, when I finally did get to visit Florence for the first time in my thirties, while dating @dante.vincent and seeing his name all over the city — ok, well not his name but the name Dante, you know which one [I hope] — it felt like life had worked out just the way it was supposed to. Not the way I planned. But the way it needed to. So even now, even this winter when I visited Florence for the third time with @xoalitalia , I still started crying for a second when I was looking out at the city during sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo. I haven’t lived an easy life. Lots of stuff I won’t ever talk about on social media. And yet I also know I’ve lived a far more privileged life than so many people all around the world. It’s so relative. No matter what, in case you don’t ever know how grateful I am for the traveling I get to do now — often because of my following online — here’s me telling you, there’s not a moment of it that I actually take for granted. Even the moments in places I have been before and have dreamed of for what feels like my whole life. And there isn’t a moment I don’t wish I could just bring you all with me, instead of only telling you about it later. . Thank you for following me. 🙏🏼😘 #passionpassport