Looks like Mother Nature took a paintbrush and spent a lot of time in Death Valley 🏜️ 😍 __________________________________ I know a lot of you have been worried about what you are hearing about the national parks. Having spent the last week and a half traveling around some of the biggest and most popular ones, I can report that most people respect the land and want to see it preserved. There are some people who act disrespectfully, and that’s hard to see, but I hope that for those who are visiting the parts of the parks that are still open, to please remember just to pack out all of your trash, stay on the trails, and to treat it like you would if you want to see it around in the next century. If you see something, say something. We can all work together to keep our parks safe and happy πŸŒ„ @deathvalleynps #visitcalifornia #roadtripcalifornia #deathvalleylove