WCW 💃🏻 FLORENCE EDITION 🇮🇹 . Squeezing in under the wire for a positive WCW to tell you about one of the coolest women I’ve met while traveling. And that’s multimedia artist @bettysoldi. During my latest trip to Italy it was all about the people I met along the way. They made the trip for me. In Florence [Firenze] that included Betty, who hosted me at AdAstra which I talked about in my last post and who took the time to have breakfast with us at her other property @soprarnosuites. It’s on the same side of the Arno, a local area of the city known as Oltrarno. Posing in the outer gate of SoprArno before she sent us on our way to explore the city, I couldn’t help but want to take her photo. Her energy in the moment was infectious as was her energy pretty much the whole time we were around her. She translates that into her art which is largely based on her beautiful calligraphy but is not limited to. She has AdAstra and SoprArno with her husband and their story is such an intriguing one, filled with family histories in multiple countries and a rich tapestry of projects that feed both of their talent and skill sets. . In a funny “it’s a small world after all” twist, the book Soldi recently published actually features a photo of my dear friend @fleurishing ’s tattoo. Maybe we were destined to meet. Either way, meeting Betty was further proof that no matter how wonderful a destination is, it’s the people that make the place. Without good people, travel is just a set of tickets and timelines and dots on a map. . #wcwpost #womencrushwednesday