Wow, I really wasn’t expecting the incredible feedback from my last post and Story. I feel genuinely so lucky to have such a wonderful, thoughtful and compassionate community on here, and to realize it at a time when I’ve never felt more jaded or “over” some of the the BS of Instagram was really eye opening for me. Thank you all for your kindness but also for opening up and relating with my emotional state! Phew, not just me 🤗 while my current mood is wanting to hide away at my home in Wanaka forever and to not talk to anyone or leave ever, the hermit vibes are strong, guys. But the reality is that I have a few big travel projects til March I’ve worked hard on and can’t change. I’ve also got a lot of unshared stories from the past few months I want to put out as well. So while I’m trying to find some balance in my personal life and shifting my perspective of my work, I’m still planning to share my adventures on here in the meantime too, keeping it real as always ✌🏻so while there will be plenty of travel, bright colors, and hopefully smiles, it’s important to me that you all know that there’s still a real person behind it all, probably going through the same emotional roller coasters, complicated feelings and life pressures as you guys in many ways. We’re all in this together! #deepsigh