My whole life I’ve always been told that my face reads like an open book. Unable to hide my feelings and emotions, what you see is what you get. Can you tell what I’m thinking here? If you’re first guess was “fuck mornings, give me coffee” then yes, you are correct. But it’s also much more than this. As I look at my face in this picture, it really sums up the past few months for me. I’m chronically exhausted, stressed to the max and beyond tired, and yet trying to find a little glimmer of something to make me smile, which is harder every day. Burnt out doesn’t begin to cover it. With my insomnia back in full swing, my anxiety keeping me company every waking hour, and a punishing travel schedule that I just couldn’t say no to, I only blame myself for getting to this point. Living in a competitive world if you’re not “busy” or “great” than you’re lazy and unsuccessful, and the pressure of this path I’ve been on is often suffocating, and it often feels like my creativity has gone forever. Without realizing it, I’ve slipped into the habit of only showing the glamor of travel, of my world. Normally I would have posted a different version of this shot, where my tired face is hidden or later on when I’ve had 3 coffees and put on makeup, perhaps with an inspirational caption about following your dreams. But part of me has always been an honest cynic, and I’m tired. I’m tired of everything. Here is a moment of reality. I look and feel like shit, but I’m trying to do my best and do my job. I love it but it’s hard. We are all imperfect humans full of complex emotions, me included. You are not alone. Now where is the coffee? #inspirationalandallthatshit #lookwhatthecatdraggedin