BOUTIQUE SLEEPS 🛏 FLORENCE 🇮🇹 . In Firenze, which I also visited with Alison of @vivalifestylepr , artist Betty Soldi was kind enough to host me at @adastraflorence. From the moment I was let through the gate on the street to see this view of just a portion of the largest private garden in Europe, I knew there was something very special in store. I could feel it in the light that filtered through the columns even on a gray winter day. As I made my way through multiple doors and up a grand staircase, the feeling of wonder in my chest swelled. And yet when I was finally greeted in what passes for a modest hallway in Italy outside a beautifully aged salon that was as understated as it was elegant, I was anything but disappointed. . Ad Astra takes up a few floors in an ancestral family mansion that was a collaboration between architect Francesco Maestrelli and Marco & Matteo Perduca in Oltrarno, the most real and authentic Florentine district. After a brief look at the 270 square metre terrace, where I couldn’t wait to enjoy breakfast, I was let into my suite where Lego figurines, vintage flags and metro system memorabilia seemed perfectly married to original Italian design pieces from the ‘50s, ‘60s & ‘70s, a free standing bathtub and an ancient frescoed ceiling. Quirky in a way I’d never expect in Firenze, like the writing on the wall that was clearly done by hand. Fanciful and carefree yet absolutely still chic. . If I thought I was reminded of how much I love boutique hotels in Roma, in Firenze I was reminded of how much I love guesthouses where the owner’s distinct personality is so evident and infectious in the details of your surroundings, that you immediately feel you’ve found a new friend. . . . . #bellaitalia 🇮🇹 #italia 🇮🇹 #culturetrip #boutiquehotels #traveladdicted #iamatraveler #tlpicks #italiabella #bettysoldi #firenze #florenceitaly #firenze 🇮🇹 #firenzearchitecture #italyarchitecture #detailsofitaly #guesthouses #adastrahotelparticulier #adastrafirenze