Things have been a bit quiet round these parts as I disappeared offline for a few weeks around the holidays, a digital detox I well and truly needed as the end of 2018 was hell for me. And what did I do with my time away from the internet? Curious minds might wish to know (ok no one, that’s fine but I’m going to share anyways) WELL I was on an old Russian research ship on one hell of an adventure exploring some of the subantarctic islands off of New Zealand with @heritageexpeditions . With my friend @talman by my side, we visited some of the most remote places on earth home to some of, you guessed it, rarest and most incredible birds on earth! From crested penguins of all sorts to albatrosses galore to petrols all day every day to the elusive and mysterious snipe that I literally tripped over, it was exactly what I needed when I needed it. I slept and slept and slept in my wee bunk while we were at sea, read about 10 books (see previous post) and once again fell in love with this crazy planet, and am convinced now more than ever we have to do everything we can to protect places like these and the creatures who call home. Bursting with stories to share, so as the millennials are oft to say, WATCH THIS SPACE 🐧 #birdnerd #naturefrother . . . . #heritageexpeditions #snares #subantarctic #purenewzealand #nzmustdo #adventure