BTW, Happy New Year all! I know that a lot of people are glad to see the tail end of 2018 and I guess I wanted to impart some advice on this post. Everyone knows that social media isn’t *quite* real life. It’s a highlight reel. And for many, this can leave to feelings of inadequacy and overwhelm. I get that, I really do. However, life IS an adventure and life IS fun and we do only have one chance at it. Stop comparing yourself to others. It’s not easy but it’s 100% possible and I am proof that it’s possible. (“Comparison is the thief of joy”.) Stop caring what others think of you, again I’m proof that this is possible. Run your own race and do what makes you happy. Remain entirely open, flexible and changeable. I question literally everything and late last year I stopped listening to, and reading, the News and began to minimize my time spent aimlessly scrolling apps and checking my phone. Practice mindfulness, it’s not some hippy dippy craze. I’ve started meditating and it’s literally life changing. But most of all, live! Don’t wait for tomorrow. Embrace every minute with loved ones, surround yourself with people that lift you up, read books, travel far and wide and don’t make excuses anymore. If your life isn’t how you imagined it to be then change it! Finally, live your life with integrity. Don’t cheat, manipulate, bitch, force your views on others and spread toxic energy. We’re all stuck on this planet together and it’s our ability to accept each other and get along that will ensure the long term success of humanity. PS. It’s an elephants ass. 🐘🍑