All right 2019, I’m ready. Hit me up with some of your favorite reads pretty please! The past month I’ve been devouring book after book, and I’m hungry for more! I’m one of those freaks who reads super fast and multiple books at the same time, can you relate? Share your fave reads pretty please, and here are some of mine that I’ve just finished #booknerd #readmorebooks ✨✨✨✨ -A Man Called Ove 😍 -Galapagos of the Antarctic 🐧 -Never Let Me Go 😭 -War of the Whales 🐳 -The Sisters of the Winter Wood 🍂 -I’ll be gone in the dark 😱 -The Woman in the Window 🤯 -The Worst Journey in the World 🥶 -The Woman at 1000 Degrees 🙌🏻 -Tiny Beautiful Things ☀️ -The Botanist’s daughter 🌺