I have been working hard for almost a year but Ryan (my lawyer) has been working just as hard. When this began it was far too much for me to handle alone and since Ryan and his law firm Gibson Dunn offered to help (pro bono) everything has come on leaps and bounds. 🤩👌🏽Today we went to parliament to attend Prime Minister’s questions where Theresa May was asked if she supported our campaign. 🙌🏼 Until I launched my campaign I had no ~real~ concept of the inner workings of law and politics and I have been amazed by how Ryan thinks! He truly is one of the best. He has been there for every stupid joke, question and worry throughout this whole campaign and I couldn’t do it without him. 🙋🏼‍♀️We are a true team and the Ministry of Justice is really listening to us. 💪🏼👌🏽🎈 I am so excited to work with them further and ensure every instance of upskirting can be prosecuted with a law that is truly fit for purpose. Here’s to Ryan - my partner in crime (or justice)!🥂🙌🏼👫